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Terri & Loren ~ Headshot Session ~ May 2010

This past spring, I got the opportunity to do a headshot session with both Terri and Loren.  We all had a great time both outdoors and in the studio.  Both of them were very fun to work with.  Terri was looking for headshots to advertise her musical talents and abilities and Loren was looking for…

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Family & Pet Portraits ~ Olympic Peninsula, WA ~ August 2010

Almost everyone loves vacation.  As such, I think vacation spots can be one of the best places to have a family portrait session.  Most vacation spots are quite scenic, and most people are happier and more relaxed on vacation.  Plus every time you look at the family portraits on the wall/mantle, you think of all…

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Becky ~ Studio Headshot Session ~ Summer 2010

During the busy month of August, I had the opportunity to photograph Becky, a vibrant and lively friend of mine pursuing acting, singing, radio, and other talent opportunities.  While taking a break from shooting, I had the honor of watching her perform part of V’s soliloquy from V for Vendetta, which was quite impressive.  We had…

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