Ben & Patricia ~ Richland, WA ~ August 2011

What a fun wedding!  The whole day was filled with both lively and touching moments as friends and family gathered together to celebrate the commitment Patricia and Ben had made to God and each other.

Patricia wore a beautiful dress, complete with the traditional buttons in the back (no quick zipper here!).  Amazingly, Shannon (Patricia’s twin) was able to get Patricia all buttoned up using only a plastic fork.  Amongst many other things, Shannon also made the hanging paper decorations for the reception hall (each one took an hour!).  The boutonnieres and the cake toppers were also handmade by Patricia’s family members, and the antique bottles and jars were borrowed from Ben’s grandparents.  Finally, during the reception, all of Patricia’s siblings joined together to do a creative little dance.

I love seeing how the everyone’s unique personalities are expressed in the details of their wedding; no two weddings are the same!

Shannon - October 1, 2011 - 10:03 am

Oh MAN. How did I miss this blog post until now?

Christine! I feel so blessed to have such talented, lovely friends. Thank you for adding your creativity to the day and for joining for my family on the crazy adventure that was this wedding. Your eye on the day, the people, the decorations was perfect.

I find something new to love each time I go through the photos.

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