Fall Retreat & Playing with HDR

I’ve always been very intrigued by HDR (high dynamic range) photography.  Not only are the technical concepts behind HDR rather fascinating– the photos look cool!

I’ve tried it out on numerous occasions but it’s usually been somewhat of a disappointment…  The techniques I tried were either too labor intensive or produced only mediocre results.  Fortunately, I ran across Ferrell McCollough’s book, Complete Guide to High Dynamic Range Digital Photography, while wandering around the library one day.  From this book, I learned many of the secrets used to create good HDR photographs… one of which is using HDR software, such as Photomatrix Pro.

Below are some of my first experimentations creating HDR photographs with Photomatrix.  I’m quite happy withe results.  I’m definitely looking forward to trying it out on some of my architectural photography.

Chalet by a Mountain Lake

Valley Landscape

Valley with Stream

Broken TreeValley

And oddly enough, after a beautiful fall day on Saturday, it snowed…  a little early for snow if you ask me, but it was pretty and everyone got home safely, so I guess it’s okay.

Evergreens Dusted with Snow

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