Austin & Renee ~ Buffalo, NY ~ June 2010

I began this past year’s wedding season by flying out to photograph Austin and Renee’s wedding in Buffalo, NY.  I had an amazing time.  I especially enjoyed how Austin and Renee (and the bridal party) expressed their personalities in various ways throughout the day… everything from Renee’s sparkly red Converse shoes to to the amazing food selection to the enthusiastic “thumbs up” gestures during the portrait session… it was great.

The two of them were particularly excited that Renee’s uncle drove them away from the church in his Cadillac Eldorado.  Other highlights include the two Mary Kay representatives who did all the girls’ makeup, the trolley that drove the bridal party to the various wedding day destinations, and the impromptu game of “Jarts” that was played at the reception (“Jarts” a lawn dart game that Renee’s family has traditionally played at large gatherings).

Mary Kay Representative Applying Eye Makeup to Bridesmaid

Mary Kay Representative Showing Bridesmaid a Photo of Her Makeup


Bridesmaid Puts Veil on Renee

Wedding Dress in Closet

Wedding Dress Detail

Bridesmaids Helping Renee Put Dress On


Sparkly Red Shoes

Renee Putting on Shoes

Boarding the Trolley

Groomsmen Photographing Bridesmaids on the Trolley



Mother of the Bride

Bride Walking Down the Aisle

Bride Putting Ring on Groom

Groom Holding Bride

Bride Putting Ring on Groom

Priest Blessing Renee and Austin

Guest Leans Into Aisle to Take Photo of Couple

Getaway Car

Renee and Austin Posing in Getaway Car



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