Becky ~ Studio Headshot Session ~ Summer 2010

During the busy month of August, I had the opportunity to photograph Becky, a vibrant and lively friend of mine pursuing acting, singing, radio, and other talent opportunities.  While taking a break from shooting, I had the honor of watching her perform part of V’s soliloquy from V for Vendetta, which was quite impressive.  We had a great time trying various outfits, poses, and facial expressions, some of which are shown below.  Best of luck Becky!

Becky Headshot 1

Becky Headshot

From Blip to Blog

Exactly 3 years ago, I started my very first photo blog on  For those of you who don’t know, blipfoto is a daily photo journal that allows you to post only one photo a day.  It was a fantastic challenge:  it encouraged me to pick up my camera and do something creative almost every single day.

In honor of this adventure I embarked on three years ago, I’ve decided to finally start my own photo blog in an attempt to be more diligent about sharing my photographic endeavors with the world.  So thus it begins…

PS: For those of you who are curious, my blipfoto blog can be seen here:

Blipfoto: Dreaming Tropical